A dedicated artist from an early age, Roger Preston earned a BFA Degree Cum Laude form Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Studies in Fine Arts and Fashion Design led to a career in retail window display for such elite companies as Tiffany & Co. and HERMES of PARIS. In this venue, Preston has been able to express his vision in painting, sculpture, and photography, creating other worlds within the confines of a window frame.

Public recognition of his art, often used as backdrops for the products displayed, encouraged him to present his work for its own merit, as fine art. Working in the world of non-representational art has presented new possibilities and fresh insight. He now approaches his work without classification, often blurring the line between the real and the abstract.

His medium is varied and often incorporates old techniques such as fresco layered with paint, graphite, metal leaf, colored glazes and wax. An intriguing texture and glowing surface has become a trademark of his work. A sense of mystery is also an essential ingredient to Preston’s vision.

Each piece begins with one or more of a variety of inspirations. An idea about color, an unusual composition, the play of light across a surface, an iconic symbol or haunting image, all these spark the creative instinct that fuels his imagination. Images both light and dark are expressions of life, and in these are the fulfillments and devastations that shake us awake, to know we are alive.

“To find a path is a complex task, because I have found that only in wandering many paths is a true direction discovered and an understanding of ourselves revealed, where our talents fit into the scheme of things. I am learning more about myself and the world around me through this process we call art; I invite you to share in the journey with me.” - RogerPreston